Hair Transplant in Turkey

As hair transplantation has grown in popularity as a permanent treatment for baldness and hair loss issues, so did hair transplantation in Turkey.

As hair transplantation has grown in popularity as a permanent treatment for baldness and hair loss issues, so did hair transplantation in Turkey.

Those who are interested in obtaining:

  • High-quality hair transplantation surgery performed by experts
  • A reasonable price

Turkey is one of the world's top travel and hair transplant destinations.

Miracle Hair Clinic has treated more than 15,000 patients with the best hair transplant in Turkey, United Kingdom, Europe, and the United States.

Turkey Hair Transplant Procedure

The Miracle Health Istanbul Clinic is where the hair transplant procedure takes place.

A hair transplant surgeon and their skilled team of specialists care for each patient on a unique basis.

In order to achieve the finest hair transplant outcomes in Turkey, it is important to ensure that the optimal hair transplant strategy has been devised.

What to expect with a hair transplant in Turkey

Several different hair transplant surgery methods are available in Turkey, and the entire process takes six stages to complete.

A hair transplant surgeon and his staff will determine the best method to use based on the specifics of each patient's situation.

Here, we'll explain how a hair transplant works and the many methods that can be used.

1- The expert medical staff at Miracle Health will create your new hairline the day before your hair transplant procedure.

Hair transplant surgery will be performed the next day if the patient is happy with the hair line design.

2- The donor area must be shaved and cleansed to limit the chance of infection, which is why it is considered a preparatory step.

3- In order to do the hair transplant, local anesthesia will be used on both the donor and recipient areas.

4- The process of extracting hair grafts varies from one method to the next.

Some procedures are quite painless while others may necessitate more invasive methods.

5- The natural appearance and optimal results of a hair transplant depend on meticulous sorting and maintenance of the hair grafts used in the procedure.

Extracted grafts are preserved in nutrient media after the extraction process.

Furthermore, the sorting technique determines where the harvested grafts can be implanted to achieve a seamless end result.

6- The implantation of hair grafts is the next-to-last and most delicate part of the hair transplant process in Turkey.

In this method, doctors make tiny holes in the intended recipient site and insert the grafts that have been removed from the patient one by one.

Hair Transplant 6
Hair transplant in Turkey

Sessions for hair transplants can last anywhere from four to eight hours. Around the 10th day following surgery, you'll have your stitches removed.

Three or four visits may be necessary before you see the complete results you're after. Transplants are done in stages separated by many months to allow for proper healing between each procedure.

Michael rodriguez de souza - lives in the United Kingdom for 18 years. would love to share his experience about hair transplant Turkey with Miracle Health in the video below:

Techniques of Hair Transplant in Turkey

Follicular unit extraction (FUE)

Hair follicles are extracted one by one during FUE hair transplants and then replanted in a new location. This will provide the impression of thicker hair in the relocated area.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a cutting-edge method that's designed to supplant the "traditional" follicular unit transplantation (FUT) procedure.


  • Very Clean, No scars in donor or transplanted site.
  • No skin exhaustion, No trauma.
  • Healthy and Natural looking results.

Sapphire Hair Transplant

This technique has endured despite switching from metal blades to more expensive sapphire ones during FUE procedures. Less skin is cut and the healing time is cut significantly by using smaller blades made of sapphire to open smaller channels in the application region.


  • High Precision
  • Fast Healing without any traces
  • Healthy and Natural looking results.

Direct hair implantation (DHI)

An instrument resembling a pen (the Choi Pen) with a hollow needle is used to extract hair follicles from the donor area. Hair transplant specialists at Miracle Health can use the Choi Pen to discretely move a patient's own hair from a donor area to the thinning region of the scalp.


  • No scars
  • Fast Healing without any traces
  • Healthy and Natural looking results.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Hair Transplant?

Many people find that a hair transplant is a savior, restoring their self-esteem in ways that were before unthinkable. So what factors determine whether or not a person is a good candidate for this kind of operation?

  • If you are experiencing obvious hair loss more than 5 years.
  • If you have no history of wound healing problems.
  • If you have no history with any type of blood transmitted diseases.

Hair color, hair density, hair texture, hair thickness, and scalp pliability are just few of the characteristics that doctors at Miracle Health look at to determine whether or not a patient is a good candidate for Hair Transplant surgery.

Planning Your Journey for Hair Transplant in Turkey

First Step: Free Consultation

Book your hair analysis session by filling out the form below, Miracle Health's Management Team will contact with you to get your information and arrange the revision with Hair Transplant Surgeon.

Please be prepared to provide clear photos of your balding areas and the prospected donor areas too.

The Miracle Health's Medical team will go through all required revisions with hair transplant surgeon to analyze your case and decide weather hair transplant is suitable for you or not, and which technique could be applied according to your conditions.

Kindly, fill out this form in order to get a free hair analysis from Miracle Health Expert Surgeon. when Miracle Health's representative contacts you. feel free to ask for all information you need to know.

Second Step: Flight Planning

After getting your hair analysis. and in case you are eligible to get hair transplant. Miracle Health Customer representative will walk you through the steps of booking hair transplant session date.

after your approval you can go on through booking your flight to Istanbul - Turkey. you will have to share your flight details with Miracle Health Customer Representative.

Miracle Health's Coordination Team will take care of your hotel accommodation - in 5 stars Hotel. your Airport - Hotel - Hospital pickups. and an instant translator will be dedicated to you as well.

Third Step: Clinical Examination

After your arrival to Istanbul - Turkey, Miracle Health's coordination Team will make sure everything in your plan is in its place. they will arrange your clinical examination with the specialist hair transplant surgeon.

In this step, Miracle Health's hair transplant surgeon will request some blood test and will examine your hair, scalp, donor area and so forth. these blood tests with surgeons examination will make sure the suitability and safety of hair transplant surgery.

Fourth Step: The Hair Transplant Surgery

After examination and tests shows everything is alright, you will get prepared for the hair transplant surgery at the same day or the day after your examination.

The hair transplant surgery steps will be exactly as mention up in - How Hair Transplant work - section.

Fifth Step: Post Surgery Washing

The day next to your surgery, Miracle Health's Coordination team will arrange your attendance at hospital again for washing and cleaning your scalp.

It is very sensitive an vital step, in order to avoid infection and remove any extra blood clots, this will keep your scalp healthy and away from infections.

Frequently asked questions on hair transplant Turkey

Especially for the people who struggle from hair loss or baldness, high quality hair transplantation is like life saving armor. One of the most operated surgeries in Turkey. in recent years is hair transplantation. But not everyone has enough knowledge about this topic.

Before hair transplant surgery, a lot of people have some questions in their mind. Actually, when you have the answers to some basic questions. you have enough knowledge about the surgery. So, you will have opinions about the preparation process and other subjects about hair transplantation surgery. It is possible to make a list of the questions that can be asked frequently... 

1: Who is suitable for hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation is usually made to men who have androgenic type hair loss due to their age and genetic factors. Also it is made for the people who are not satisfied with the previous hair transplantation surgery they got or for the people who have hair loss because of an illness or for the people who have bald areas due to some burns. For the best results it is recommended to go to the hair clinics which are accepted as the best. 

2: Who is qualified to make a hair transplant surgery?

Hair transplant Turkey surgery should be done by professionals surgeons who are experts in their area. The experts who had a qualified medicine education about hair transplantation surgical procedures can handily make these surgeries.

3: What conditions are necessary for a successful hair transplantation process?

Hair transplant are considered as surgeries. Therefore, for any kind of complications that can occur, the surgeries should be done in hospital conditions.

4: Are there any age limitations for hair transplantation?

For hair transplantation the age factor is not a decisive factor. The most important factor is the amount of hair loss. If a person’s skin is showing because of hair loss then it means that the hair amount became less than %50 of the amount it should be. In these cases, hair transplantation is necessary.

5: How much hair is needed while having a hair transplantation?

The amount of hair needed for hair transplantation is determined by medical doctors by making hair analysis. After determining the type of hair loss, a densification process is made for the areas that have the possibility to lose hair, too. If one session is not considered enough then a second session is recommended for anticipating more effective results. Before having hair transplant in Turkey it is necessarily recommended to consult with expert doctors first. 

6: Can hair transplantation be applied more than once?

Yes. Hair transplantation surgery may require multiple sessions depending on the width of the bald area and whether the patient’s hair loss situation continues. 

7: Does hair transplantation have any risks for the patient?

Hair transplantation is performed by applying local anesthesia. For this reason, it is considered as a risk-free operation. To this date there is no encounter of side effects that would put the patient at risk of negatively affecting his health.

8: How to understand whether a person is suitable for hair transplantation?

During the interviews made for hair transplantation in Istanbul or in other regions; shedding type, hair analysis and donor area controls are done first. As a result of these controls, the doctor determines whether the person is suitable or not for the procedure. People with healthy hair on the nape area can easily have the transplantation process. 

9: How Long Does Hair Transplantation Take?

Hair transplantation takes about 4 to 8 hours on average. After the procedure, if the person does not want this process to be known by his close circle, he should wait for an average of 7 days. If there is no discomfort in this matter, it is possible to continue their life in a day.

10: How Long Does It Take to Get New Hair?

After the procedure, red crusts occur in the area. This is avoided when it is washed once a day. Within 5 days, the crusts will be completely shed. Then some part of the transplanted hair is also shed. In this way, the patient will get back to normal within 7 to 15 days. After this period, the new hair growth can take 6 to 9 months.