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Miracle Hair Clinic © is an international clinic serving patients from all over the world, offering a variety of treatments which is up to the world’s highest quality standards.

At Miracle Hair Clinic © we aim to provide our customers with the best services and treatments. With our 12+ years of experience with team of certified experienced doctors ( 4 plastic surgeons,16 hair transplant experts, 9 nurses and more than 20 client relations specialists) we make sure to give the best quality to our patients at an affordable and internationally competitive price.

At Miracle Hair Clinic ©; our main concern is the patient health & Comfort. We take the safety of our customer very seriously and we make sure to go through health reports and blood tests before performing any kind of treatment.

Also, we make sure to provide the best conditions for our patient's stay and treatment. We offer accommodations in the best hotels in İstanbul, we receive our customers from the minute of their arrival at the airport until the minute of their departure and we give them the best ways to be comfortable and at ease before any treatment. For that, we established a solid system of client relations specialists that are available 24/7 to help and to care about our customers.

Our job does not stop there. After the treatment, we engage in a serious follow up with our patient and a solid system of after-care in which we provide the necessary medical supplies and recommendations to make sure that everything goes as it should be in the healthiest conditions.

All of our patients are subject to a regular 2 years follow up from our doctors, free of charge.

In the end, we develop our partnership with our patient on the basis of faithfulness and exclusiveness, quality and confidentiality, high-level service and comfort. Our success and reputation is the result of our serious engagement and professionalism.

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