Why should you go for Hair transplantation turkey?

Hair loss issues are commonly faced by men and women of all age groups. Hair transplantation is a process that involves surgical procedures to transplant hair follicles from one part of the body to another.
Why should you go for Hair transplantation turkey?

Hair loss issues are commonly faced by men and women of all age groups. Hair transplantation is a process that involves surgical procedures to transplant hair follicles from one part of the body to another. Hair transplantation is the growing need among balds dreaming for personality development. 

The best place to undergo a hair transplant in Turkey. The medical staff at hair transplant clinics in Turkey are highly trained and experienced in related surgical procedures. It is because of the luxurious medical facilities provided in Turkey and also because the country is home to some of the finest doctors around the world.

In the race of hair transplantation, Turkey is trying hard to take the leading position. There are many reasons behind choosing hair transplantation turkey. Individuals prefer turkey due to affordable hair transplantation packages and high-quality treatments. Turkey is also preferred due to the amazing hospitality nature of the country. It offers a chance to visit historical places, eat delicious food, and get the best hair transplantation surgeries.

Reasons behind choosing Turkey for hair transplantation services

Keep reading the reasons why Turkey should be the preferred location for hair transplantation surgeries. Above was a short overview and, next are details.

Cost-effective Treatment

Hair transplantation surgery is one of the most popular methods of getting rid of hair loss. But, how expensive is it? Is it affordable? Here we look at the hair transplantation surgery costs in Turkey and what it includes. Do consider that as compared to other countries, Turkey is most affordable. 

Compared with Europe and USA hair transplant costs, the packages (transportation + accommodation expenses) range between twenty-two hundred dollars to seven thousand dollars. While Europe and the US offer packages starting from seven thousand dollars to twenty-five thousand dollars if you subscribe to the FUE method. 

It implies that the least cost of hair transplantation in Europe and the USA is the maximum amount charged in Turkey. Also, Turkey is still affordable as it offers 2 things for 7000 dollars. While other countries just offer hair transplantation services in this amount. Cost variation in Turkey depends on how many grafts are required, which method is chosen and where the translation will be performed (clinic).

Advanced Treatment Options

Hair transplantation is the medical solution given to balds. Same like other transplants, there is a donor who donates hair (this may be anyone) and, then the recipient gets these hair implants on their bald spots. New hair growth will be the same as the hair removed from the donor area. Specialized surgeons perform this surgery and only trained/experienced surgeons are preferred. 

As per the surveys, FUE hair transplant is the favorite method of hair transplant surgeons in turkey. It is because it doesn't irritate the patients. It doesn't ache much during the recovery phase. There remain no visible scars, and the healing process is faster. During the surgery procedure, no scalpels, staples or sutures are used. 

Another hair transplantation method is FUT, in which the skin with follicle unit is removed from the donor area and is then transplanted one after the other to the bald area of the client.

Quality treatment in each aspect

Hair transplantation is becoming one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries. It has now become possible to achieve hair transplantation treatment in Turkey with the help of the best surgeons there. As tough competition exists in all sectors of the country, the medical sector is working day and night to improve standards. New methods developed as the conditions were researched and more facilities are now provided. 

Due to the growing competition among clinics of Turkey, patients are facilitated with free airport to hotel transportation, cost-free accommodations, and free air tickets as well. 

Best Surgeons available in Turkey

Whenever you seek medical treatment, you first ensure whether the surgeon is capable or not. In Turkey, people seek hair transplantation services more than other cosmetic interventions. Hence the number of trained surgeons with significant experience in the respective field increased. Trained and experienced hair transplant surgeons have access to advanced technologies and intervention techniques. 

Waiting time doesn’t bore you!

Well, unlike other developed countries, Turkey doesn’t make you wait as they realize the inflow of patients and their need for treatment in time. They are many quality-service providing clinics (many of them are JCI-accredited) to manage the heavy client flow. 

Turkey is approachable for neighboring countries

Turkey lies in the middle of European and Asian lands. Hence, people from both sides are attracted to the state, majorly individuals from the Middle East. As the demand increased, Turkey increased the number of service providers.

Great tourist attraction due to Hospitality

Hair transplantation takes time, and recovery is a long process. You can't travel the next day. Hence, you need to stay and wait. According to the latest surveys, nearly thirty-seven million tourists are visiting Turkey, and 80% of them are visiting for surgical interventions. Turkey presents attractive tourist spots for them to relax in the recovery phase near nature. The hospitality nature of Turkey is very heart-warming and will help you recover faster. 

The above mentioned are some reasons behind going for hair transplantation turkey. Above all is the cost-effectiveness factor and experience of the surgeons. You can’t find these many good things for much less money in another country.


Hair transplantation in Turkey is very popular, and for many good reasons. Turkey is well known for having some of the best doctors and surgeons in the world and they are well experienced in treating hair loss. Many men choose to get a hair transplant in Turkey due to the number of Turkish hair transplant surgeons, their experience, and the success rate that they have. Such surgeries benefit the person's self-esteem and confidence. There are different types of hair transplants, and the most favorite among surgeons is FUE. 

Have you ever visited Turkey for any surgical procedure? Or have any of your relatives tried hair transplantation turkey? Contact us with your queries and experiences.