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What makes Turkey a great destination for hair transplantation?

What makes Turkey a great destination for hair transplantation?

The decision of where to have a hair transplant surgery is the first step for the people who want to have a hair transplantation. 

That’s why picking the right country to have a hair transplantation surgery is the first and most important decision to make.

For people who are looking to get a quality hair transplantation surgery from expert doctors for an affordable good price, Turkey is one of the best destinations in the world. 

In Turkey, people can get professional, reliable, and cost-effective hair transplantation surgeries while having a quality time, enjoying the country’s nature and its history.

Patients from all over the world are welcomed to Turkey. Here, the patients have a lot of strategic advantages for their hair transplantation surgeries, thanks to the growing medical tourism.

In this article we’ll discuss why Turkey is one of the best destinations to have hair transplantation surgery.

Turkey’s 6 strategic advantages:

1 – Having good times in beautiful, touristic, and historical places and enjoying cultural activities before and after the hair transplantation

Turkey is a country that is one of a kind for its nature and its history. It has a lot of blue flag beaches, important historical places, and cultural heritage to enjoy and to discover. 

The best hair transplantation clinics in Turkey are in the cities Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa and Adana. These are the most crowded cities in Turkey, also, they are very beautiful and touristic cities. Most of the medical tourists choose these cities as part of their medical tourism. 

Also, the Egan and Mediterranean coasts are very beautiful holiday places and Cappadocia is a very historical nice place to discover only an hour flight from Istanbul.

2 – Turkey’s growing medical tourism and wide range of healthcare services

Wide range of qualified medical treatment services are available in Turkey. Over the past few years, Turkey became one of the most successful countries in the medical tourism field. Healthcare Tourism is growing fast and Turkey is becoming more and more preferable in medical tourism year after year. 

The beautiful country Turkey also became an emerging destination for hair transplantation surgeries. As plastic surgery and dental care procedures, hair transplantation surgeries are leading medical services in Turkey, too. The number of patients undergoing hair transplantation surgeries in Turkey is growing exponentially each year.

Thanks to the modern clinics, the newest hair transplantation technologies, affordable prices, experienced doctors and their staff, people who need hair transplantation surgeries come from all over the world to Turkey.

3 – Very good prices and cost-effective healthcare services

In recent years, globally, healthcare services and their treatment costs are getting more expensive. It is getting harder to get quality and cost-effective healthcare services all around the world. 

Turkey offers very affordable prices for hair transplantation surgeries. It is because costs in Turkey are cheaper when compared to other developed western countries. Even after adding accommodation costs to the billing, it won’t reach to the half of the price rate applied in other western countries.

When compared to the western nations, hair transplantation costs in Turkey are very low. Low labour costs are one reason, Turkey’s devalued currency is another. After all, the rising hair transplantation costs in the western countries is one of the reasons for the growth of hair transplantation in Turkey.

Getting a quality hair transplantation surgery after even cutting down costs is one of the very important reasons why people choose Turkey for their hair transplantation surgeries. 

These affordable prices are possible thanks to the favorable currency exchange and thanks to the many aids the Turkish government offers to medical clinics working with international patients.

Even though prices are low and affordable, the standards and the quality of the surgeries are excellent. Because the Turkish Lira is weaker against the other western currencies. This allows the hair transplantation clinics in Turkey to offer affordable cheaper procedures but with high quality. That is the reason why the hair transplantation clinics in Turkey don't compromise on quality.

4 – High quality surgeons and staff with world class healthcare service quality

Turkey is one of the most preferred countries in healthcare services especially in aesthetic, plastic surgery and hair transplantation. 

The most important thing appears to be the experience that your doctor has when it comes to getting a hair transplantation surgery. 

There are very good hair transplantation doctors in Turkey. They have good English, and the surgeons are highly qualified to provide advanced procedures such as FUE and FUT hair transplantation methods.

Hair transplantation clinics in Turkey offer high-quality procedures and the hair transplantation results in Turkey are much better compared to western nations. The expert doctors offer high-quality procedures when it comes to hair transplantation surgeries in Turkey. Therefore, they are highly recommended.

Hair transplantation before and after results are quite good in patients who fly down to Turkey and have surgeries. Reputable Hair clinics in Turkey with world class facilities, specialists, equipment, the latest technology, and techniques can rival any similar medical clinic all over the world.

Health tourism in Turkey is currently being performed in high quality, comfortable and accredited health clinics, and hospitals. These health clinics are equipped with the newest technological medical devices, healthcare specialists and healthcare staff.

5 – Accessible location that has easy flights from all over the world and short waiting time for the surgeries

Turkey is easily accessible by its location in between Europe and Asia. 

Istanbul is only a few hours away from Europe, UK, Asia, and Arabian Peninsula. 

Turkey can provide health care services to nearly 1.5 billion people, thanks to its central location.

Turkish Airlines is flying from all over the world to Istanbul and is a good option for healthcare tourism.

The average waiting time is very less in Turkey when compared to other nations.

6 – Safety of the patients and the percentage of satisfied patients

The percentage of satisfied and happy patients left from the clinics in Turkey are very high. Therefore, Turkey attracts patients from dozens of countries around the world. 

In Turkey, all health care services are provided to all individuals under the State’s guarantee. 

Medical training in Turkey has developed both at the level of universities and practice. There are more med school graduates in Turkey than in Greece, New Zealand, France and USA according to OECD report. 

The percentage of satisfied and happy patients and these reasons make Turkey a very safe destination to have quality hair transplantation surgery.

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