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How Does It Work with Miracle Hair Clinic?

How Does It Work with Miracle Hair Clinic?

Let’s see the steps you need to follow for a "Rejuvenated & New” you

1- Check Our website And Get Information About Your Treatment Of Choice

You can get information about your doctor, itinerary, recovery time, benefits and risks,

testimonials and more.

2- Contact Us and Get Your Free Treatment Plan

● Which way is the easiest for you? You can reach us by selecting one of the means

of communication that we have available.

● Miracle Hair Clinic offers customized treatment plans to its patients in order for you to

achieve absolute satisfaction.

● After the evaluation of your pictures by your doctor, you will be provided with a

personalized treatment plan.

● Your package will be provided according to your needs and requirements.

● We can add accommodation, transfers, hosting services, medications, English spoken

caregiver service.

3- Book Your Treatment

● Once you are happy with your treatment plan you can secure your place by making

a reservation

● You need to decide on the date of your treatment while making The reservations.

● To make a reservation all you have to do is to provide us with a copy of your flight


● There will be no payment in advance. All the payment will be done by you directly the

day of your treatment.

● You can have your treatment whenever you are available.

● It is that simple and straightforward to have a treatment (Hair Transplant, Plastic

Surgery, Cosmetic Dentistry and Laser Eye Surgery) abroad by Miracle Hair Clinic.

4- Start Your Medical Journey

● Once you have decided your treatment day, you will call your Case Manager to check

the doctor’s availability, Then you will buy your flight tickets, send us the flight

information and we will issue your itinerary.

● Our driver will meet you at the airport with your name card and you will check in to

your hotel.

5- Treatment Day

● First, you will have consultation with your doctor. You can ask any question or inquiry that

you have to him. So she/he can learn your expectations and discuss the possibilities.

● After the necessary blood tests to make sure that you are ready for your treatment, your

surgery will start.

● Your Patient Host will be available during your consultation and your treatment.

● After your treatment have been completed, you will receive your medical suitcase

which includes all the medications and medical supplements that you need. After that,

you will go to your hotel and get a rest.

6- Final Check-up and Back Home

● After your treatment (Hair Transplant, Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Dentistry and Laser Eye

Surgery), you will stay for a while for your recuperation in Turkey. You can enjoy the

city during recuperation until your final check-up time.

● You will have your final check-up with your doctor, get after care instructions.

● After the final check-up we will take care of you until the time for your flight home.

7- Best Treatment and Best Service with Miracle Hair Clinic

 Miracle Hair Clinic always aims to give the best medical results to its patients by

working only with the best surgeons that are experienced in their own fields.

● Miracle Hair Clinic only works with hospitals which are accredited by

international accreditation institutions.

● Miracle Hair Clinic is committed to provide gold standard quality to its patients.

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