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What is the hair transplant?

What is the hair transplant?

What is the hair transplant?

Hair transplant is a technique within cosmetic surgery that is used to obtain lost hair or give density and cover bald areas. The method is basically always the same.

The graft that is more or less 5mm deep, is removed from the donor area and grafted in the part where you want to give density or cover.


Over time the techniques have evolved greatly improving healing. For example, 10 years ago in Turkey the FUT technique was used, something that some clinics still use today in Europe. This method has quite complicated healing because they remove a strip of skin from the donor area to remove the graft and then, sew the tissue, leaving the donor area very delicate. The healing of this technique is very long.


Thanks to the technology invested, Turkey has become the number one country for new and modern hair transplant techniques. Using such precise techniques, that after 15 days, they do not leave any traces of scarring. The Turkish government invests a lot in education in this profession producing a lot of industry and jobs in the country.


The reason why Turkey is cheaper in plastic surgeries compared to Europe, is because everything: salaries, space, etc. It is paid in local currency. Turkey also gives ease and flexibility to businessmen regarding taxes, compared to European countries.


Turkey being more advanced in technique, practice and price availability, it has no competitor compared to other countries. Not to mention, that it is a country that has more accreditation for tourism every year, given the great history that surrounds Turkey.

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