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Unshaven Hair Transplant Technique

Unshaven Hair Transplant Technique

Most of the patients who are considering hair transplantation give up the hair transplantation procedure when they learn that their hair must be shaved during the operation. This is because most patients don’t want to be around people or socialize with a shaved head.

Many different methods have been developed in plastic surgery in order to eliminate the necessity of shaving during hair transplantation. In the best hair transplantation clinics, with the unshaven hair transplantation technique, it is aimed to complete the operation and the post-operation in the fastest and most satisfactory possible way. Thus, patients will be able to return to their daily and social lives in a shorter time.

In the past, because new techniques and methods were not developed, even if the hair follicles were collected individually or in multiples, the area where the roots were collected had to be shaved completely. Therefore, no patient wanted to go out in public with a half or part of their shaved hair. Although the result of the operation was efficient and positive, this situation could create psychological negative effects on the patient and cause self-confidence problems. In fact, most patients gave up their operation decision when they learned about this situation. Fortunately, these negative situations have been eliminated with the unshaven hair transplantation technique.

How is Unshaven Hair Transplantation Applied?

For unshaven hair transplantation, which is done in the best hair transplantation clinics in Istanbul, Turkey, the hair needs to be extended a little before the operation. The reason for this is to prevent it from being determined that any operation has been done in the donor area.

In hair transplantation clinics in Turkey, the area where the hair follicles will be collected is determined first and these roots are carefully collected from that area. Then the collected healthy hair follicles are prepared for planting. Finally, these healthy roots are carefully planted into the area. natural appearance and permanent solution is obtained in the healthiest way.

Number of Grafts That Can Be Planted

In hair transplantation clinics in Istanbul, approximately 4000 grafts can be transplanted in 2 sessions thanks to the unshaven FUE technique. 1-3 hairs can grow in each hair follicle transplanted. Another advantage of the unshaven FUE technique is that thanks to the special tools and procedures used in the technique, the probability of the transplanted hair follicles to be retained increases.

Developments such as gold needle pens or micro motor technique, which have been used with the development of technology in plastic surgery, increase the success and satisfaction rate in hair transplantation.

Factors Affecting Hair Transplant Duration

• The number of grafts transplanted affects the number of sessions needed and the duration of the operation.

• The expertness of the surgeon who will perform the operation is another factor.

• Equipment in the hair transplant clinic also affects the duration.

• Since the unshaven hair transplant technique is more difficult than the FUE technique, more time and careful work is needed.

• Since the patient to be transplanted does not need to shave their hair, there are no self-confidence or psychological problems.

• Patients return to their daily and social lives in a shorter time.

• The recovery time of the donor area is shorter.

• In addition, patients who have undergone transplantation with the FUT technique, which is now recommended in our country, can also achieve much better results and more invisible scars.

Prices of Unshaven Hair Transplant Technique

As in other hair transplants, the method to be applied in this technique, the number of grafts, the structure of the hair, the amount of the area to be transplanted and even the clinic where the hair transplant will be performed are the factors affecting the prices. Especially in Istanbul, hair transplantation clinics can create a little more price difference compared to other cities.

In general, the techniques used for unshaven hair transplantation are FUE and DHI, and the price for both techniques will be different. However, the decision should be made by considering the suitability of the method to the patient rather than the price of the method to be applied. The size of the area to be planted is also a factor in deciding the method and affects the price.

The cost of hair transplantation with unshaven hair 

This transplantation technique may be slightly higher than the cost of hair transplantation with shaved hair transplantation. The most important reason for this price difference is that hair transplantation with unshaven hair transplantation technique requires more care, attention and time than other hair transplants. Operations that will be carried out by an expert staff in a good clinic will result in 99% success. It would be more beneficial for patients who are considering an unshaven hair transplant operation to research the hair transplant clinics and the equipment of the specialists in these clinics, before the surgery.

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