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How to find the best hair transplantation surgeon for yourself?

How to find the best hair transplantation surgeon for yourself?

Choosing your hair transplantation surgeon is a very important decision to make before having a hair transplantation surgery. Because it makes a big difference between a good result and a disappointing result at the end.

After all, only bad hair transplantations can be noticed easily. Good hair transplantations are mostly undetectable. What separates good hair transplantation from a bad one is the experience and skill of the surgeon performing the procedure of hair transplantation. Therefore, it is very important to choose an experienced and a skilful surgeon. Unexperienced surgeons can produce unnatural and easily noticeable results. Therefore, this can lead to disappointment for the patient. 

Today’s marketing of hair transplantation focuses only on the type of harvesting or surgical devices being offered. This is wrong, many consumers are misled, told the procedure is somehow scarless or, worse, not even surgery. When in fact there is no such thing as scarless hair transplant surgery. Patients should discuss all pros and cons of the procedure with a qualified hair transplantation surgeon during their surgical consultation.

A lot of general physicians and plastic surgeons offer hair transplantation surgeries in addition to their services. But results are not always professional. Because in addition to the technical knowledge of hair transplantation, a level of artistry is required too to perform a great hair transplantation surgery. 

So, only surgeons who specialized in hair transplantation and who also have these artistic abilities are the best and recommended ones.

Hair transplantation surgery is both art and science. To gain natural restoration of the hairline you need to work with a surgeon who has an aesthetic sense. It’s very important to understand that hair transplantation surgery is not only the implantation of hair. It is rather an art of hair implantation considering the face, age, density like factors for obtaining a natural nice look to gain self-confidence and self-esteem. The aesthetic sense of the surgeon is one of the key factors in successful outcomes of hair transplantation surgeries. 

In today’s brand-driven, fast-growing, multi-billion-dollar hair transplantation industry, people who want hair transplantation must do their research to make informed decisions so they can choose a qualified hair transplantation surgeon.

What to know while researching your hair transplantation surgeon?

There are different factors that need to be considered before choosing a hair transplantation clinic and a hair transplantation surgeon. These are:

_The surgeon’s working period in this sector

_The specialization of the surgeon

_The number of hair transplantation surgeries the surgeon has performed

_The surgeon’s working period with his/her team 

_Certifications/credentials of the surgeon

_High quality photos and videos of the surgeon’s patients before and after the hair transplantation surgeries 

_Having a face-to-face consultation


_The clinic facilities

_The price

_The aftercare services

Only a doctor who has been trained to maintain high patient safety standards, cares for unexpected medical problems. Doctors who have taken an actual oath to keep their clients’ best interest in mind choose to do the surgery themselves with the help of their technicians. If a doctor allows only his/her technicians to do the surgery on their own, it means that they are neglecting their oath, and you should search for a better surgeon. 

Performing an artistic hair transplant surgery is not an easy thing to do and requires a good team effort. This team effort makes it possible to place thousands of grafts in a single day. In the traditional FUT technique, a team of technicians places the grafts after the surgeon removes donor tissue from the back of his/her patient’s scalp. But this team must be under the guidance of the surgeon all the time. However, many physicians delegate more surgical responsibilities to their staff, thereby making it harder for patients to choose a surgeon and a team. 

What qualities should a good hair transplantation surgeon have?

The patients who are looking for a good doctor for their hair transplantation surgery should understand that a good hair transplantation doctor should have some qualities such as: 

_The hair transplantation surgeon must have an immense specialist knowledge about hair transplantation for an accurate diagnosis of a patient’s condition.

_The doctor should have good communication skills for clearly speaking to their medical team, their patients and their families. It is very essential that the doctor listens and understands the concerns of their patients and their families. The doctor should explain everything clearly to the patients and their families and should earn their trust.

_The hair transplantation surgeon should have a bright, eager mind, manual dexterity and physical skills for performing an operation. If a surgeon has vast experience of preoperative and postoperative care as well, it is better for the best outcome of the surgery.

_The doctor of hair transplantation should have the ability to adapt to changing environments and technologies. Adaptability quality is a very important skill as healthcare evolves rapidly. There are medical developments, and the doctors need to have commitment and enthusiasm for learning new skills and techniques.

_The hair transplantation surgeon must be a good leader in order to manage their team. These surgeons help to train the hair transplantation surgeons of the future as well, so having leadership skills are very essential too.

_The doctor of hair transplantation should be inspiring, too. They should encourage their patients to have more self esteem and inspire confidence in them as well.

_ The hair transplantation surgeon must have an emotional resilience and supportive attitude, too. They should support their team physically in difficult conditions and give them emotional support as well.

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