Hair Transplantation in Women

hair transplantation is also applied in women. Main reason for women wanting hair transplantation is their thinning or shedding hair.
Hair Transplantation in Women
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Although not as much as in men, due to various reasons, hair transplantation is also applied in women. Main reason for women wanting hair transplantation is their thinning or shedding hair. Especially with the developing technology that makes a more natural appearance and has an easier healing process, women started to prefer hair transplantation in hair transplantation clinics in Turkey.

Hair loss in men and women seems the same, but there are many different points. Hair loss in male patients is usually at their peak or forehead area. In female patients, hair loss or thinning is generally observed all over their head. In addition, hair loss, which can be detected more easily in men, is noticed more difficult and late in women. The reasons for hair loss in women are many, so the success rate of hair transplantation in women is lower than the success rate of hair transplantation in men. For successful hair transplantation in women, the best hair clinics should be preferred and the best plan should be created by the expert doctors in these clinics.

The Success rate of Hair Transplantation in Women

Hair transplantation methods that are frequently used in hair transplantation clinics in Turkey are FUE and DHI methods. In addition to the fact that hair transplantation planning is personal, the plan created for women should be much more detailed and equipped.

Specialists in hair transplantation clinics in Istanbul work diligently and carefully, especially for women. In this way, if performed in expert hands, the success rate of hair transplantation in women is 99%.

Hair Transplantation Treatment in Women

The reason for hair loss for women patients should be found before hair transplantation is performed. After the causes of hair loss are determined, a suitable plan should be created by expert doctors in the best hair transplant clinics in this direction.

The fact that the person who will perform the surgery is highly equipped and experienced is a very important factor in hair transplantation, especially in women. Hair transplantation clinics in Istanbul are generally successful at hair transplantation for women. The specialist should review all hair transplantation techniques and methods and apply the most appropriate for the woman patient.

Hair transplantation in women can be done in 2 ways;

• FUE method

• DHI method

The most appropriate method is applied to the women patients’ needs. After hair transplantation, redness or crusts may occur for a certain period, but these are temporary.

Causes of Hair Loss in Women

There are some different and some common factors that cause hair loss in men and women. Hair loss in women can be due to many factors. These:

  • Genetic and hereditary factors affect primarily and this situation is defined as Androgenetic Alopecia.
  • Nutrition is another factor affecting hair loss in women. Improper diets or malnutrition can trigger hair loss. In order to not experience this situation, it would be much better to prepare a program with an expert while making a diet program.
  • Another most common factor, especially in women, is childbirth. B12 and iron deficiency occur due to birth. Iron deficiency triggers anemia, and anemia creates a lack of hemoglobin in blood cells. In this case, it directly causes hair loss.
  • Another prominent factor is hormones. Hormonal changes experienced by women affect hair loss. Hair loss, which is 25% of women, especially during menopause, can go up to 50%. The DHT hormone prevents the nutrition needed by the hair during this period and weakens the roots and prepares the ground for hair loss.

After Hair Transplantation in Women

Hair transplantation for women is performed in a single session and the application takes a few hours. Post-operative patients do not need to stay in the hospital and are discharged directly after the operation.

Mild swelling, redness and crust formation may occur after the transplantation process. These are reactions that are normal and transient. However, for long-lasting wounds or swelling, it would be better to inform the specialist who performed the surgery. 

Is Hair Transplantation Painful in Women?

Since hair transplantation is also an operation, local anesthesia is applied to the area to be treated. The reason why general anesthesia is not applied is due to the chemicals that must be given to the patient for general anesthesia. Hair transplantation can be easily performed with local anesthesia.

Thanks to local anesthesia, the patient does not experience pain or pain during the transplantation process. After the surgery, as the spaces begin to fill with hair follicles and the wounds will begin to heal, mild itching and pain may be felt temporarily.

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