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Hair transplant in moments of Covid-19

Hair transplant in moments of Covid-19

Hair transplant in moments of Covid.

Turkish clinics have had to modify and put the most health safety rules against Covid. This moment in which we all live has been a great challenge for all of us. Thanks to all the measures taken, hair transplant has been little affected because the hospitals strengthen and be more demanding in their health policy.

 Maintain continuous sterilization and give the highest protection to the priority patients to continue doing hair transplant.

Patients and visitors.

The clinics maintain safety margins against Covid, allowing only one companion per patient.

Both have to go through safety methods, such as temperature measurement, masks and disinfectant gel.

Given this Covid situation, clinics offer one surgery per day to take maximum care of the health of patients. 

Questions to hair transplant patients, before the appointment

Turkey has required hospitals and clinics to ask a questionnaire about Covid symptoms, patients who will have hair transplant and the accompanying, need to do the questionnaire one day before surgery.

Yoo Guzellik Merkezi Tasarim 21

The questions are:

- Fever.

- Lack of senses: taste, smell, etc.

- Headaches.

- Difficulty breathing.

It is important contact the clinic or hosptital, where the hair transplant will be done to ask about the measures imposed by your clinic.

Health safety methods for Covid in Turkey for hair transplant.

The regulations are as follows, maximum health security in all centers where any type of intervention is carried out, in the establishment, hospital and clinic staff.

Medical team have to wear a mask and latex gloves during all their working hours, sterilization every half hour in corridors and common areas.

Patients have to keep a safety distance of 2m in common areas, one patient for a medical appointment with the surgeon and one person for the operating room for hair transplant.

The Covid, EU, Turkey and hair transplant.

The Covid pandemic has changed the healthcare system around the world. Having to adapt quickly to this new world situation.

Both private and public companies and ordinary people have had to learn health knowledge in order to combat Covid.

There have been difficult times when European flights were limited but it was for a very short time.

Thanks to the high sanitary measures in Turkey, we have been able to keep pace with patients coming from the US for hair transplant.

Turkey today asks for the negative COVID PCR test, for go out and to enter. That is a great help to be able to control the pandemic.

We all want to return to normality life and hope that it will happen soon, it is getting closer and closer, but for now we must maintain security measures for everyone.

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