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5 Points to Consider in Hair Transplantation

5 Points to Consider in Hair Transplantation

Although the hair transplantation application, which is highly preferred recently, seems simple, it is very important to be applied by experts in order to get a healthy result. Although hair transplantation applications are developing day by day, especially in Istanbul, it is a critical point to apply these methods by experts in terms of health and aesthetics.

Hair transplant centers in Turkey have increased in recent years and become very high quality clinics, and unfortunately, it has become one of the unhealthy earning methods for the cut, which we can describe as under the stairs. It is not possible to reverse the mistakes made in hair transplantation applications. However, the result of reliable and well-equipped hair transplantation is both health and aesthetically satisfying and satisfies the patients by providing the necessary self-confidence. There are a few critical points to be considered at this point.

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1) Minimum 70% of the hair should be shed

Patients who want to have a hair transplant must first say goodbye to at least 70% of their hair. The reason for this is that hair transplantation applications in hairy areas may adversely affect the result.

Patients should not apply any topical medication to their scalp or hair prior to surgery. Patients should go to the place where hair transplantation will be performed with a clean hair and should not use gel, wax or spray after cleaning their hair.

2) Should Be Appropriate to the Method or Technical Person chosen

Many techniques and methods such as Manual FUE, Micro FUE, Gold-Tipped FUE, Icegreft, DHI, Unshaved, Long Hair FUE, Percutaneous Micro Channel are preferred in #thebesthairtransplant center applications.

The methods and techniques should be specially planned by the expert depending on the number of roots that the person needs, the physiological structure of the person and the needs of the person and should be preferred individuallyIt will not be healthy to apply the same technique or method to every patient.

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3) Attention To The Hair Line

Especially drawing the front hairline in accordance with the face line and head structure of the patient is very important for obtaining a natural appearance and customer satisfaction after hair transplantation. Much attention is paid to this point in the pre-operative stages in hair transplant centers in Istanbul. Obtaining a natural appearance and ensuring customer satisfaction is the best feedback that can be received as long as the stages progress healthy.

Since the face shape and head structure differ, the hairline should be designed specifically for the person. The points that can be taken as a basis for the anterior hairline design are the patient's head structure, age, gender, facial features, forehead muscle and the width of the area to be transplanted. In addition, the expert who designs the front hairline should definitely plan this phase with the patient. He should draw the drawing in 3D and present this drawing to his patient and receive a positive feedback from the patient. Otherwise, although the determined hairline is perfect, it does not matter if the patient does not like it.

4) Before Hair Transplantation In most hair transplant centers in Turkey, pre-operative and post-operative procedures are the same.

• It will be healthier for patients not to consume cigarettes in the last 24 hours and alcohol in the last 1 week before surgery.

• Patients with chronic or acute diseases should definitely inform their doctors about this situation and the medications they use before #hairtransplantation.

• Before surgery, patients should definitely consume their meals, The surgery should not be hungry and the consumption of caffeine-containing beverages should be stopped 1 day before the surgery.

• In addition, patients should reduce their B and E vitamin intake 1 week before the risk of increased bleeding.

• After the surgery, patients should choose a comfortable top to wear and take off in order to prevent rubbing on the scalp.

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5) After Hair Transplantation

• Patients are not advised to drive for the first 6 hours after hair transplantation and they should only rest when they return home. They should take care that the applied area does not touch the pillow or duvet. Therefore, it will be more beneficial for patients to use a hard and small pillow.

• There is no harm in lying on the donor area. Since lying prone will increase the contact of the pillow with the transplanted area, this type of lying is not recommended for the first 2 weeks.

• In the first 2 days, the head area should not be washed and the first washing should be done by the specialist in the center where the hair transplantation was performed.

• For 2 weeks, patients should prefer shirts, cardigans and zippered sweaters to minimize contact with the scalp while dressing.

• Activities such as sports activities, Turkish bath, swimming and sauna are strictly prohibited for 2 weeks because these activities increase the risk of infection.

• Hair can be cut from the ends in a way that it will not be scraped in the first 15 days, and after 45 days, all kinds of procedures can be applied at the hairdresser.

• Aspirin should not be used in the first week after surgery. After 2.5-4 months after the hair transplantation application is completed, it begins to yield

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