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10 lies of the Hair Transplant

10 lies of the Hair Transplant

10 lies of the #hair transplant

Hair transplantation in Turkey has received criticism but more good compliments on that. Opinions, comments in many forums confusion about hair transplant.

Hair transplant will always try to imitate the naturalness that existed before in the head, but it is still within plastic surgery.

Here I leave you, some hoaxes that have been formed on hair transplant:

1-The result of the  hair transplant is not permanent.

2-Only men can do #hair transplant.

3-It is an extremely painful treatment.

4-People over 50 years old, can´t do hair transplant.

5-The same day of the hair transplant has results.

6-The younger you are, better result.

7-The hair transplant is only for the rich people because it is very expensive.

8-An external person can be used as a graft donor.

9-Always have to shave in hair transplant..

10-It will never have a natural appearance.


1) The result of the hair transplant is not permanent: 

The result of the hair transplant is for life, that is why it is important to make the right decision about the design of the frontal line.

2) Only men can do hair transplant: not at all, many women today do hair transplant to give more density. Many other women have hair transplant on their eyebrows. Gender does not affects fo hair transplant.

3) It is an extremely painful treatment: not at all, if it is uncomfortable for the first 3 - 4 minutes due to anesthesia, but then you do not feel your head, it is more for a day to a day and a half you probably will not feel your head.

4) People over 50 years old, can´t do hair transplant: incorrect, people from 50 years old onwards can do a hair transplant without problem, as long as there are no allergies to medications, hypertension or some serious illness.

5) The same day of the hair transplant has results: if there are results but takes time.After 6 - 7 months the hair transplant, density begins so that means 100% result after 12 months.

6) The younger you are, better results: no true, the hair transplant is recommended for all people who are of legal age, recommended from 22 years old.

7) Hair transplant is only for the rich people because it is very expensive: 10 years ago maybe was on that way, today the prices are affordable for everyone. For example: for 1450 euros you can have complete surgery, 5 * hotel, private transfers, medicene, guarantee certificate and translator in your language within the surgery room, all for that price.

8) An external person can be used as a graft donor: impossible for now. Not even having a twin brother could be a donor. Yes, we are studying cloning the graft but on the basis that it is the same person.

9) Always shave in hair transplant: depending on the patient's situation. It is always recommended because when it comes to opening the channels and putting the graft, it can be dificult the vision when shaving is very clear. On the other hand, when it is done without shaving, depending on the length of the hair, it is difficult to see the areas where the channels can be opened. The last decision is always made by the patient.

10) It will never have a natural appearance: it is evident that hair transplant  is part of plastic surgery, but it seeks the perfection of naturalness, that is why many times it doesn't see the differ between a client who doesn't have hair transplant to another patients who has done the hair transplant.

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