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Beard and Moustache

Beard and Moustache


According to a social study, most of the man all over the world confirmed that they are unhappy with their incapability to grow facial hair (beard and Moustache). The patchiness that most man experience on their facial hair is usually due to genetics or scarring. Beard and moustache transplant come as a permanent solution for beard and moustache patchiness and lack of facial hair.


Beard and Moustache transplant become so popular in the last decade due to the outstanding results and the popularity among celebrities such as David Beckham. This procedure allows you to increase the density and fullness to the beard and/or the moustache using the FUE technique.

The quality of the results of the facial hair transplant is mostly related to the surgeon's professionalism and expertise. At Miracle Hair Clinic, we guarantee the best and most satisfying results for all our clients. İn our clinic we give you the best advice and care through individual consultations to give you the best outcome and the look that you aim to have.


Same as the hair transplant, the FUE technique (Follicular Unit Extraction) is used for beard and moustache transplant. this method is used to add density and thickness to the patchy areas of the beard and moustache and to give a fuller look to your facial hair. The operation might take between 3 and 6 hours depending on the case. the number of grafts used for the beard and moustache transplant may vary as well depending on the case. as an example, a goatee may require around 1500 grafts while a full beard might require more.

the results of a beard or a moustache transplant as we mentioned before depends on the skill of the surgeon. in the interview before starting the surgery, both the doctor and patient agree on the shape desired and the primarily outlining of the area to treat.

As for the hair transplant, the surgeon starts by checking the donor area which is in the majority of the cases the back side of the head. for some cases, when the back side of the head is not thick enough for the surgeon to take grafts from, it is conceivable to use body hair, for example, chest hair as the donor area.

As the first step after finding the perfect donor area, local anesthesia is applied to the areas of the beard to be treated. Then come the extraction and the harvesting of the hair from the donor area without leaving any scars and one follicle at a time. The final step in the procedure is the transplant of the extracted grafts in the outlined facial areas. This will result in astounding density and thickness.


The beard and moustache transplant with the FUE technique is permanent and will look natural as if it was like the from the start, no one will notice that you have had a transplant. The results will be noticeable in no time and the healing process as really fast compared to the hair transplant. the best and the full results will be more noticeable with the time after a couple of months.

The hair transplanted will grow normally with the rest of the facial hair. After full healing and full growth, you can enjoy styling your new beard as your heart desires.

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